We consider all of our signs to be custom, but categorize them 3 ways to make ordering simple. All of our signs can be made fully custom, and custom sizes are available upon request. See our price guide below to see our starting prices for each sign type. 
QUICK SHIP signs have the design set, but you can select the acrylic, stand and text colors. Examples include table numbers, cards + gifts, guestbook etc. 
SEMI CUSTOM signs have the basic design set, but the main wording is interchangable. Minor changes to layout, design and some font choices can be made, as well as having your names and date, hashtag, etc. Examples include welcome signs, hashtags, timelines etc. 
FULLY CUSTOM signs have all or most wording and design of your choice. Bar menus fall under this category, as well as anything you can dream up. Any sign can be fully customized, and we work with you one-on-one to make your vision come to life!
Acrylic Color
Stand Color
Text Color
Names, Date etc
Font choice
Floral Colors
Custom Design
Custom Backing
CLEAR ACRYLIC - Our best seller and favorite, clear acrylic is both beautiful and always beautiful. Like glass, clear acrylic allows for perfect transparency.  Though it acts as a glass substitute, acrylic is far more lightweight and can be slightly bent without breaking.
SOLID COLORS - From jet black to bright white, we offer all colors under the sun. Colored acrylic is great if you have a specific look you're wanting to achieve, or if your signage is being placed in a busy area, which can make reading clear acrylic difficult. 
METALLIC - Shimmer in gold, rose gold, silver and copper. We also offer a dusted gold and rose gold, which offer a transparent feel while still keeping their sparkle. 
SPECIALTY - Frosted & smoked gray are our other best-sellers. They're a great option for those who love the look and feel of a clear sign, but also want them to be more legible. The semi-transparent acrylic allows light to pass through while increasing the text's legiblity, making the frosted & smoked option a pratical solution for many clients. 
Specialty acrylic also includes fluorescent pink, mirrored silver and gold, among others. 
TEXT COLORS - White is our most popular text color, as well as what we recommend 95% of the time, for legibility purposes. Exceptions are tabletop signs that are on white tablecloths, signs in an easel against a light colored wall, etc. 
We also offer all solid colors, watercolor-effect, and faux metallic. While we dont carry actual metallic text, the faux metallic effects are very pretty, and come in both a gradient and a sparkle version. 
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